Hotel GUESTapart is an alternative to the patient hotel in Skejby

Delightful apartments with space to live together

If you are looking for a patient hotel in Aarhus for yourself or a relative, it makes sense to read more about the hotel and its many options here on this site. The hotel opened in April 2019 and received positive press coverage and excellent reviews from guests who enjoy their stays in the guest apartments right from the start.

Relatives do not stay for free at the hospital's own patient hotel, so it might as well be worth exploring alternatives that offer better and more comfortable conditions. Here, Hotel GUESTapart is an alternative, where you live together in beautiful apartments with amenities such as large kitchens where you can cook together, comfortable beds and chairs, a large bathroom, and a creative and inspiring interior that combines the clean and the colorful.

You can choose between different types of apartments depending on what you value. It could be a balcony, extra space in the rooms, a small sofa to lounge on by the window, or perhaps multiple floors to spread out a bit more. However, all apartments have thoughtful details such as B&O TV and speakers, a dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, art, and a double bed with a quality Jensen mattress. Therefore, you are unlikely to lack any essential elements when you settle here for a shorter or longer period.

Pamper yourself at Hotel GUESTapart

Wellness and pampering on another level

Because GUESTapart is a high-quality modern hotel, you will naturally find some different facilities than you would at a more conventional patient hotel like Skejby patient hotel near Aarhus University Hospital. This includes everything from the exquisite restaurant with its delicious breakfast buffet, to the fitness center with a wellness section, and the cozy communal areas where you can meet other guests of the hotel. It offers a very special kind of living experience.

In the hotel's restaurant, you will find a delicious breakfast buffet where the chefs indulge the senses both visually and tastefully, and you can enjoy Nordic dishes made with local, organic ingredients.

On the hotel's ground floor, you will find a training area with facilities for cardio, stretching, balance, and strength training, which can help get you back in shape. The fitness department is open around the clock, so you can go down there whenever it suits you. Pamper and relax your muscles with a soothing sauna session after your intense workout.

One of the rooms at Hotel GUESTapart with space for socializing

Easy to find and easy to book

Whether you want to book yourself and your family into the apartments as part of a stay or reserve a time for dinner in the restaurant, it can be easily and quickly done online or by calling our helpful staff. We always make sure to assist with both small and large challenges, making daily life a bit easier for you. We can be reached at phone number +45 86 18 00 00.

We have made the process, such as check-in and check-out, much easier by digitalizing and thinking innovatively. This makes everything more seamless for guests and at the same time creates more flexibility. At Hotel GUESTapart, you can find both peace and inspiration for alone time or gatherings with family or friends. You can work out in the fitness center or treat yourself to freshly made food from our exquisite dining options. You can have apartments as you wish, and you can recuperate in the cozy and familial setting the hotel offers.

It may therefore be worthwhile to consider Hotel GUESTapart as an alternative to Skejby patient hotel if you are a patient or a relative.

A cozy nook, ideal for a good book, a podcast or a little nap

Time and peace to gather energy

It's always difficult to be hospitalized or to be a relative of someone who is struggling to recover from an illness. Here, secure and comfortable surroundings with opportunities to feel at home and rehabilitate both body and mind can make a world of difference. At a patient hotel, a self-sufficient patient can stay – either alone or with their family.

There is also another good alternative to a traditional patient hotel if you wish to stay near the hospital. Just 5 minutes from Aarhus University Hospital, you will find GUESTapart, which offers delightful and cozy apartments where there is space to rehabilitate and be together as a family.

Therefore, if you are looking for a patient hotel in Aarhus and its surroundings, you would do well to check out GUESTapart and its facilities. The hotel is somewhat atypical in that it emphasizes homelike settings, personality, and plenty of space, giving you the feeling of living in a home rather than a hotel room.

Recovering from an illness takes time and effort. A patient hotel is an alternative to hospitalization that allows for staying with family and, for example, eating together, undergoing rehabilitation, or simply enjoying each other's company. This is very important for patients, as the support and presence of loved ones are invaluable during an illness.

Quality time can mean a lot to both the patient and their relatives, and therefore it might be a good idea to rent a place at GUESTapart, which is close to both the city center and the hospital in Skejby but still in quiet and secluded surroundings. Staying at Hotel GUESTapart, you are near the nurses and doctors at Aarhus University Hospital/Skejby Hospital, yet you find yourself in more luxurious and appealing settings that offer a chance for relaxation.

The hotel provides opportunities to socialize with other guests and enjoy some of the fine amenities such as a restaurant, fitness center, and lounge area, which are available to all guests.

Pamper yourself at Hotel GUESTapart