Meeting rooms in Aarhus

It can be a challenge to find meeting rooms in Aarhus with the right facilities to suit the needs of your meeting. At Hotel GUESTapart you will find meeting rooms for both small and large meetings.

Our premises contain the latest technical equipment for both virtual and physical meetings as well as conferences. The meeting rooms are furnished with comfortable interiors with plenty of opportunities to get full catering throughout the meeting. Should the meeting drag on or extend over several days, we can also arrange accommodation at the hotel.

You will find our meeting rooms close to public transport and at the hotel there are good parking options for those who are driving. On this page you can read much more about our meeting rooms in Aarhus and what we can offer when you choose to host your meeting at Hotel GUESTapart. Rent meeting rooms in Aarhus at Hotel GUESTapart.

Rent meeting rooms in Aarhus with Hotel GuestApart

At Hotel GUESTapart you will find rooms that are extremely flexible, and can accommodate anywhere from one and to up to 120 people. We have designed our meeting rooms with a focus on comfort and concentration. All meeting rooms therefore have comfortable chairs, tables and TV screens, and the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. This way you can focus on the agenda of the meeting or conference without being distracted. In addition, we have made sure to create a comfortable indoor climate. That way, you can easily hold a meeting that lasts several hours, without experiencing discomfort.

Our meeting rooms in Aarhus is also equipped with the latest technology when is comes to meetings and conferences. This includes fast 50/50 Mbit WiFi and the easy-to-use Barco ClickShare presentation system, which is available in all rooms. Therefore, you can be sure that there is always the right equipment so that you can display your slideshow, a video or movie. Should the technique cause a bit of trouble, we are of course ready to help solve the problem.

Read more about our meeting facilities and rent a meeting room in Aarhus here.

Have great virtual meetings in our meeting rooms

Whether you need to hold video meetings, digital meetings, online meetings or hybrid meetings, you will find the best facilities for holding virtual meetings here.

A virtual meeting is not exactly the same as a physical meeting, but it is a really good and flexible alternative to the physical meetings. In addition, in some situations it may be necessary to hold a virtual meeting rather than a physical meeting. When you choose to host your virtual meeting in one of our meeting rooms in Aarhus, we ensure that microphones, audio and video work optimally so that you and your meeting participants have the best possible experience throughout the meeting.

Full catering during the meeting

Good solid meals are essential when you need to keep your concentration for longer at a time. That's why we offer full catering as part of our meeting package solutions, so you and your meeting attendees can focus on the meeting agenda.

Our meeting packages are adapted to several different types of meetings ranging from half-day meetings to overnight meetings. Of course, there is also the possibility of tailoring a meeting package to suit the meeting you want to hold. If you have allergens or special dietary requirements, we are happy to meet your wishes and adapt the catering accordingly.

Read about the opportunities we offer when you book a room for your meeting and the different kinds of meeting packages we offer.

Sleepover at our hotel when the meeting or conference is over

Accommodation in connection with a meeting may be needed after a long day, especially if the meeting ends late in the evening or drags on at night. However, it can be difficult to find meeting rooms in Aarhus that also offer accommodation.

With us, when booking our meeting facilities, you can also book a places to stay in Aarhus at our hotel for all meeting participants. Ours hotel rooms includes both own kitchen, large bathroom and one or more comfortable beds. The rooms are decorated with a focus on making our guests feel at home and be able to relax. Therefore, our rooms accommodate comfortable furniture, soft textiles and beautiful art.

Centrally located near transport options that go to Aarhus C

It is far from everyone who drives in their own car to meetings and conferences. Therefore, it is important to choose meeting rooms in Aarhus that are close to public transport, so that all participants have the opportunity to come to the meeting without any problems.

Hotel GUESTapart is centrally located near public transport options that quickly lead to the centre of Aarhus. In a few minutes you can also walk to the Light Rail station from the hotel, which leads directly into the city centre.

If you instead want to take the car to and from the hotel, you can quickly be transported via Randersvej directly to your desired destination in Aarhus. No matter how you choose to travel, our central location makes it easy to get to and from our hotel.

Free parking when holding meetings at Hotel GUESTapart

Whether you are staying overnight or attending a meeting or conference at Hotel GUESTapart, there are good parking options at the hotel.

It is always free for hotel guests to use our parking facilities in front of the hotel. For you, this means that you do not have to think about how long you will have to look for a parking space or about paying a parking ticket. Even if the meeting drags on, do not worry about parking, but only concentrate on your meeting.

Tailor your event

At GUESTapart, we understand that each event is unique and therefore there may be different needs when booking a room for a meeting or conference. That's why we offer tailored arrangements where you yourself are the master of today's or evening's program. We will work with you to ensure that you get the arrangement you want and that everything goes as planned. Whether you are planning a small meeting or a large conference, we will strive to create the perfect event for you. With our years of experience and expertise, you can be sure that your event will be a success.

Discover Hotel GUESTapart

If you need to see our hotel and meeting facilities with your own eyes before booking a room for your meeting in Aarhus with us, you are always welcome to stop by.

Can I get food for the meeting?

You can get a full meal in your meeting room when you host it at Hotel GUESTapart

Contact us and book your meeting or conference room today

At Hotel GUESTapart we are always ready to accept your booking of your conference and meeting rooms in Aarhus, or answer your questions regarding our facilities. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to assess whether a location has exactly the facilities you are looking for. Therefore, if you have any doubts about our facilities or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Either contact us by phone at +45 86 18 00 00 00 or via the contact form on our contact page. In this way, we can quickly help you find the right meeting room, conference room and facilities for your event.